If your cash is right and would like a decent whip for grad school or your new found job, here are some options you should consider..

Notice that a lot of these cars are coupes. Nothing screams I am young, I have no family (maybe a girlfriend) and I am full of swag than a nice coupe!

Oh and if you’re going to buy any of these cars, you should be looking at slightly used ones. Brand new cars are a waste of money, in my humble opinion.

5. The Mitsubishi Lancer

Unless you’re familiar with mods (modifications) and street racing, you probably have no idea how good a Lancer is. But that’s ok, the average person may not have the need to have any modifications on his/her cars. So why should you get a Lancer?

Simple. It’s cheap, it’s reliable, gets good gas milage and you can pretty much modify it to your heart’s content. Oh and it also looks good!
Grab one and good luck!

Starting at

*EPA Mileage Estimate

4. The Scion tc

scion tc Just like the Lancer, the Tc is also susceptible to a lot of mods. In fact it was made for that purpose, Toyota/Scion has a huge after market for that sort of thing. [visit the official trd site]. Other sites have a lots of after market goodies too. The Good: It is a Toyota, it's built to last, gets good gas mileage and it won't break the bank. The Bad: I Can't think of any. Starting at: $19,305 23/31mpg*
*EPA Mileage Estimate


3. The Honda Accord Coupe

I've known about the Accord since I was like 7. Honda has been making these since forever. According to AOL Autos it's one of the best-selling cars in America. There's a reason for that. Grab one of these for its good masculine looks and comfortability.** Starting at $22,980 23/32mpg* **Lumbar seats become uncomfy after long drives

2. The Chevrolet Camaro

With this beautiful looking badboy, you'd think the Camaro costs a fortune. You'd even think that it will be on top of our list, well it is the next best thing to the top of our list. The first Camaro ever sold was made in the late 60's to compete with the Mustang. It still does.

For a lot less dollars, you'd be surprised how many turning eyes and most importantly women you can get.

Starting at

*EPA Mileage Estimate

1. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe

The folks at Hyundai have done a lot of things very right these past couple of years. They've gone from a crappy car maker to a really good car one. To top the list, They have the best warranty in the business hands down.

The Genesis coupe is a proper rear wheel drive coupe (what a good coupe needs). This is music to the ears of all who just want to enjoy the drive, you know, more aggressive drivers.
Drive one of these and the general notion is you're young, care about your money and what you drive.

The Bad: You're going to feel the bumps and pot holes on the road. It's built to feel the drive.

Starting at:

*EPA Mileage Estimate

In summation, you'll be scoring big with any of these cars. They're all good on gas,
they look good and most importantly they all scream I'm young, I'm styling and I'm money conscious!
Whatever you decide to get, or if you own any of these machines, let us know.

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